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Since Dr.Chen enjoys photography very much, it makes perfect sense for him to take photos of his own office to share with the world.  Please enjoy some of Dr.Chen's own work!

Our Bellevue dental office is very conveniently located on Main St. in Downtown Bellevue. We are located right across the street from the Toys "R" Us store in Bellevue. Our dental office is right next to the Sound Transit construction site with tall walls which you can't miss.  We are super proud of our office because we are utilizing state-of-the-art dental equipment and materials. We have a state-of-the-art sterilization system that surpasses OSHA requirements. The source of water for our dental units is only distilled water (bottled water) which removes any chance of contamination from regular tap water like that used in most dental offices.

Our friendly and competent dental team is dedicated to patient comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in dental technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented dental care to the adults and children of this community.  We utilize the best equipment sterilization techniques available to dentists. In addition to General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry, we work with specialists in Oral Surgery, Periodontics (gum diseases), Implant Dentistry, and Endodontics (root canal treatments), as well as other specialists. Our team emphasizes comprehensive quality care and preventive dentistry.

Our Bellevue dental office was designed from ground-up to be a leading dental facility right here in Bellevue.  Co-designed by Dr. Nelson Chen and his architect, superior patient comfort, integrated dental technology, and being green were the key components in developing this first-class dental office. This state-of-the-art dental office demonstrates exceptional attention to protecting the environment by being completely chartless, and nearly paperless. Patients charts, x-rays, treatment plans, notes, health histories, documents are completely stored on the office computer server, thus eliminating any storage of bulk paper in the office.

The aesthetics of the dental office building reflects the philosophy of the office in a way that it provides an excellent patient and staff experience. The brand-new aesthetically pleasing and calming environment makes patients at ease when they are inside of the building. The Mediterranean style building exterior provides a visual statement of how good looking a dental office can be.

People often judge a book by its cover. There is no difference when they see a free-standing brand-new dental office right here in downtown Bellevue. As they discover that this dental office building utilizes a top-of-the-line siding system Ceraclad Rain Screen Exterior Siding System from Japan, they will immediately think that this dental office is unlike any other in town. When they walk into the office, they will realize that this is no ordinary dental office as so much design ideas and thoughts had been put into the drawing board - which will reflect to the amount of attention that will be paid to each patient.

Our patients often say things like "I like the way your office is set up" and "it doesn't look like a traditional dental office." Statements like these reflect the fact that patients are automatically put at ease as they walk into the office, thus improving patient experience at the same time. Working in a brand-new state-of-the-art office is a great experience to have. The color scheme and the amount of sun that the office gets from numerous large windows allow both the staff and the doctor to enjoy working in the great environment. Happiness is the key here.

Click on the picture above to view a tour of our office! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful dental office in Bellevue.

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