Intraoral Camera

Bellevue intraoral cameraSee EXACTLY what Dr. Chen sees! Dr. Nelson Chen has invested in an amazing new technology - the mini intraoral (inside of the mouth) camera - that actually allows his patients to see what he sees inside their mouths during examination. In other words, not only does this make it simple to see and understand what Dr. Chen is telling you, but it makes it simple for us to keep incredibly accurate records from one visit to the next. You become a participant in each dental decision.  In other words, "A picture is a thousand words."

Dr. Chen, your Bellevue family and cosmetic dentist, says, "It is sometimes difficult for patients to understand the need for care or home maintenance when they can't even see it for themselves. Our patients can see everything we see so they completely understand our treatment recommendations."

Dr. Nelson Chen uses top-of-the-line USBCam4 intraoral camera from Schick to convey the important messages.

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