Smile gallery - 6 Month Cosmetic Braces

This patient had the 6 Month Braces done and the case was actually finished in 5 months! He also received our in-office power whitening. The patient was extremely thrilled and happy to see the great new smile!


This patient also had the 6 Month Braces procedure and the case was completed in about 6 months. The patient was very satisfied about the transformation that she had in such a short time!


This patient had Invisalign for about 1 year and just couldn't get the results she wanted. So we finished the case in about 6 months after the 6 Month Braces was started. She was extremely happy about the final result.


Another happy patient after 6 Month Cosmetic Braces. This case also took about 6 months and she was very content that her crooked teeth are now straight!


This case took about 7 months, and shows what 6 Month Cosmetic Braces can do to your teeth. Amazing, isn't it?


This patient had been concerned about her front teeth for years and finally was able to proceed with 6 Month Cosmetic Braces. After about 7 months she can now smile with confidence and happiness!


Another example of how 6 Month Cosmetic Braces can do for your smile. This case was completed in exactly 6 months.


Can you believe that this case actually took 4 months? 4 months to straighten the teeth is incredible!


Disclaimer: All photos on this page are from Dr. Nelson Chen's actual patients and are copyrighted.

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