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The patient received 2 all-ceramic cantilever bridges that are supported by the canines.  The 2 central incisors are completely intact.  This type of dental treatment is much more conservative and cost-effective. "Oh my God! I love my teeth and I don't have to wear a flipper any more!"


The patient received 1 all-ceramic crown on the central incisor because the old one had metal showing at the gum line and it did not match his dentition. "That's awesome. I love it!!"


The patient received 2 all-ceramic crowns on his central incisors. Obviously the two central incisors had some serious issues with broken old fillings and discoloration.  The patient was almost in tears when he saw the transformation.


The patient received 3 porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and 1 porcelain veneer. The patient was thrilled to see the final result.


The patient had her existing old crowns replaced with 2 all-ceramic crowns. The two old crowns did not match her existing dentition and the color was way off.  She was extremely happy with the result. "I love my new smile!"


The patient came in with with a missing crown on his premolar. The dental laboratory fabricated his all ceramic crown using the CAD/CAM technology. The patient loved the incredible match and fit.


This older gentleman from Bellevue was extremely happy and satisfied with the transformation he had. He received a few replacement crowns and 2 dental implants. He can now chew with confidence!


This patient had his two lateral incisors replaced due to unwanted darkness of the old crowns. The new all ceramic porcelain crowns show a much better harmony with the rest of his dentition.


Even though this patient still has a few things that need to be taken care of, we have given him a great smile by doing 4 crowns and a composite filling on his upper front teeth that he is proud of.  Now he is able to smile with confidence again.


Disclaimer: All photos on this page are from Dr. Nelson Chen's actual patients and are copyrighted.

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